Frequently Asked Questions

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Comic-Con Prague is a pop-culture festival, which has been inspired by Comic-Cons around the world. It brings together a wonderful program of events, especially for fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror in games, films, anime and comics, books and illustrations, music and costumes etc. The program includes Question & Answer sessions, photo opportunities, and autograph sessions with international and domestic actors, comic authors, writers, and other artists and interesting personalities. Comic-Con Prague also includes gaming tournaments, film screenings, competitions, workshops, lectures, presentations, exhibitions, concerts, fan merchandise…
The first Comic-Con Prague 2020 took place at the O2 Universum, a new congress center in Prague, on February 7th-9th, 2020. Attendance was 23,000 participants. The second Comic-Con Prague took place after two rescheduled dates on October 15-17, 2021 with an attendance of 18,500 participants.
Comic-Con Prague is run by Comic-Con s.r.o., which falls under the control of the non-profit group SFK Avalon. This organisation organises events such as Festival fantazie, PragoFFest, and other pop-culture festivals. The main organisers alongside SFK Avalon are Active Radio plc. and its team, No Limits. This team organizes hundreds of different events every year.
Comic-Con Prague takes place in the O2 universum building, Českomoravská 2345/17, 19000 Prague 9.
There are many different ways to get to Comic-Con Prague. For more information, please see the Information section and click on the Transport.
Friday 13:00 until 23:00
Saturday 9:00 until 23:00
Sunday 9:00 until 19:00
Events in the games rooms begin immediately after the venue opens.
Events in the halls begin an hour after the venue opens.
Re-entry is possible (with prior ticket reactivation on departure) until 21.30 (Friday and Saturday) and until 17.30 (Sunday).
Tickets can be purchased through the Ticketmaster pre-sale website, at branches or onsite.
Tickets are limited, so they may sell out at the venue.
You can buy tickets for one day, two days, or three days. Ticket prices start at 690 CZK for Friday or Sunday, 990 CZK for Saturday, and 1990 CZK for the whole three days. Ticket prices will increase as we draw closer to the event. VIP tickets cost 4990 Kč. These tickets are valid for the whole three days and pre-sale prices will remain the same until the 31st May.
Children younger than 9 years old pay half price. They must provide proof of their age at the designated entrance for families with children up to 9 years old.
Participants with a disability also pay half price. In order to acquire a discount, you must send a request and a scanned copy of your disabled pass to the email address, in the customer service section of the TicketMaster website.
Tickets at the door are the same price all the time, we are considering discounting later in the year.
The ticket price includes access to all programs, including panels with guests, to exhibitions, to most attractions (some have a limited number of places, at some it is necessary to wait or register in advance for a specific time) and all game zones.
There may be an entry fee for some tournaments or attractions.
The ticket price does not include a cloakroom, entry to the guest photography zone and their signing, photographs and autographs of guests.
You have priority access to the building through a separate entrance, reserved seats in the front rows of Halls B and E2 (not others), until 5 minutes before the start of each show. And priority access to pick up headphones for interpreting and purchase Comic-Con Prague merchandise, as well as to take photos and sign autographs with guests within your selected time slot.
You have an access into VIP zone with WC, free cloakroom and refreshments station (shared with the organisers, media...).
You will receive a VIP bag with merchandise and gifts at Comic-Con Prague’s merchandising stand.
A collector's ticket is a commemorative plastic card with a lanyard, with access to all three days. It has no other benefits. Additional benefits are provided by the VIP ticket.
Yes, it is possible to buy tickets as a gift to someone, tickets are not for specific people.
Unofficial handover or sale of a ticket to someone else is possible. However, with a risk for the buyer - the original owner does not have to send the ticket after payment or he can use its code to enter before the buyer, so the buyer will not have access to the festival.
Neither the organiser nor Ticketmaster will be responsible for tickets purchased in this way.
It isn’t necessary, but it might be better for your own personal comfort (should your phone stop working or there was a problem with the barcode reader etc.). The ticket code can also be photographed.
Ticket code will be scanned upon entry to the festival. Attention: The code can only be scanned once. Once scanned, your ticket becomes void and cannot be used again.
For re-entry during the same day, you need to activate your ticket again by placing it on the entry terminal as you exit the building. The opportunity to return to the building ends at 9.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 5.30pm on Sundays.
Please do not publish or share your ticket online before the event. Code = ticket, by posting the code you give a ticket to the first person who comes with the code.
One ticket is valid for each day, eventually three days ticket for all three days. There is a single entrance to the building.
There will be a separate entrance to the building for families with children of up to 9 years of age due to proof of age requirements for discounts.
VIP ticket holders will have their own separate entrance.
Cosplayers whose luggage, costumes, or costume parts do not adhere to the rules for forbidden items, will have their own separate entrance.
A separate entrance is available for organizers, vendors, partners, performers, guests and journalists.
Yes, it is one of the requirements at O2 universum. It must be presented to the organiser or an O2 Universe staff member on request.
The festival program and organisation focuses on adults and young adults, nonetheless, you can bring your child with you.
Children who are 9 years old or younger are entitled to a reduced ticket rate. You must provide proof of age at the entrance for families with children using an insurance card or another document.
Adult companions are responsible for the care of these children, the organisers do not assume this responsibility.
Children younger than 15 years must be accompanied by an adult. Alternatively, the younger child can be given written parental consent to participate, see the form in the Info section.
Entry with a pram is not permitted.
In accordance with the safety rules of the O2 universum, this is not possible, the pram (as well as drinks and other childcare equipment) are prohibited articles. O2 universum is a cultural, social and the sports center, which is not suitable for children's visitors, does not provide changing tables. We cannot recommend attending small children.
No animals or pets are permitted at the festival, except assistance dogs.
Yes, but you must re-activate your ticket again by scanning it on a ticket terminal at the entrance to the venue.
If you do not activate your ticket, you will not be able to re-enter the venue during the same day. You can only return the following day with a valid ticket.
Designated exits should be used when leaving the building. Standard entrance is used for repeated input.
Re-entry is possible no later than 1,5 hour before the end of the program.
Purchased tickets, including VIPs, vouchers for photography, autograph signings, etc., are non-refundable according to legal regulations and established sales rules.
In the case of cancellation the guest's appearance is not entitled to a refund of the entrance fee and VIP tickets. Money for purchased vouchers for autographs and photos with the guest will be refunded after the necessary time at the administration.
Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of admission (including current state anti-covid measures) will not result in a refund.
In the event of an ordered quarantine or contracting Covid-19, the attendee is entitled to a refund if they provide proof of this within 14 days of the event via email to
You are entitled to half price admission and so is your escort if medically necessary. You will receive your discount once you have requested it and sent a scanned copy of your disabled pass to the email address, which can be found in the customer service section of the TicketMaster website.
VIP ticket prices, photo opportunities, and autograph sessions cannot be purchased at a discounted rate.
For official press activities at Comic-Con Prague, you need to get accreditation. The deadline for requesting press accreditation with the email address is 2 weeks before the event. We are not required to adhere to your request, as there are limited places and places for journalists is limited.
Of course! Comic-Con Prague is a great opportunity to meet other fans with similar interests to you.
Pick up an information booklet right at the entrance to the building, it contains maps and other useful information.
Follow the maps on the roll-ups located on each floor.
NINTH FLOOR: cloakroom
FIRST FLOOR: Artist Alley, FutureCity, photo and signing area, partner booths, refreshments, toilets...
SECOND (ENTRANCE) FLOOR: Main program, vendor booths, CCP reception, CCP merch, cosplayers' and comic artists' booths, exhibitions, cosplayers' dressing room, Cosplay stage with program, VIP and PRESS zone, refreshments and toilets...
THIRD FLOOR: Video game room, board game room, halls with fan program, exhibitions, balcony of the main hall, refreshments, toilets, smoking area...
If your luggage falls does not break the rules for banned items and falls within a size limit of 35 x 45 x 25 cm, then you may use the cloakroom on the 0. floor, for fee. If your luggage does not meet the criteria for entry, it can be deposited in the outdoor storage for a fee or please use other solutions (storage at the station, leaving your luggage with friends, leaving it in your hotel/hostel).
To change into/from the costume, there is a changing room on the gallery of Hall A, accessible directly opposite the main entrance. Here you will also find first aid for costume damage. This service is free.
You can store your belongings in the standard paid locker room on the lowest floor.
Absolutely. You are most welcome to come in costume, but it must meet the costume criteria as set out in the Rules of Participation.
For cosplayers there is a special entrance, where trained service will evaluate the components of your costume and their danger. Imitations of weapons (eg softened larp swords), non-functional weapons and even large suit bags are fine.
Zakázané předměty v O2 universum , but can be postponed for an extra charge in the outdoor storage.
Inside is a cloakroom with changing cabins, mirrors and a first aid kit. More detailed information for fans with costumes can be found on the cosplayers website here.
CCP has an exception to the standard rules for participants of events in the O2 universe, cameras including SLRs are allowed to be brought to CCP (but no tripods, lights, etc.). You are welcome to take photos and videos and share on social media with #comicconprague or #comicconprague2022.
Flash photography and filming is only allowed within 5 minutes of the start of the show and 5 minutes before the end of the show, during some shows photography and filming may be completely prohibited.
It is also forbidden to obtain photographs with guests other than through official means by purchasing photography vouchers.
Professional/commercial photography and filming and non-fan publication of footage is not permitted without accreditation.
Violation of the rules may result in exclusion from participation without refund of payments.
By participating in Comic-Con Prague, you acknowledge that we can use you in official photographs and videos from the event. Photos and video recordings can be used on the Comic-Con Prague website, on social media, for Comic-Con Prague marketing purposes, and in material published by media companies or the event partners.
You will find refreshment stations in the festival area, which are provided by O2 universum.
You can also find Galerie Harfa , which has plenty of refreshment options, or several pubs.
Vstup s vlastním občerstvením není povolen.
The O2 universum rules do not allow you to bring your own food or drinks.
Exceptions may be special foods for people with a prescribed health diet, aids for diabetics, etc. In this case, it is necessary to prove it with a certificate from a doctor at special entry nr. 35.
Smoking is permitted on the roof of the building, which is accessible via the 3rd floor by lecture halls D12 and D4. You may also smoke outside, at an adequate distance from the building. We would like to remind you that you must activate your ticket if you leave the building.
The closest ATMs can be found in the Galerie Harfa shopping mall, which is right next to O2 universum. Attention: In order to leave Comic-Con Prague during the day, re-activate your ticket by placing it on the ticket terminal at the entrance. Otherwise, you will not be able to re-enter the venue. The last option for re-entry is 1,5 hour before the end of the program.
Try the Lost & Found section at the Comic-Con Prague reception.
Please write the following information to name and surname, topic and format of the event (lecture, quize, talkshow, workshop...), your experience with the making events. We will pass on the heads of the relevant program line according to the topic of the event. The head of the program line will contact you and agree with you on whether to include the event and when, he will inform you about the conditions.
The program has a deadline a month before the event, but it is better to offer the program as early as possible to increase the chances of inclusion.
The program of each hall is displayed on the screen in front of it.
The program is printed on information boards at several places in the festival.
The programme in electronic and printable form can be found on the festival website in the Programme section ONE WEEK BEFORE THE FESTIVAL.
Access is to all programs where there is free seats, even during the programs (but under the conditions of non-disruption of other participants and authors of the programs). The capacity of the program halls is organized by the organizer.
In the main halls B and E2, the organizer will offer the vacant VIP seats 5 minutes before the start of the show for all other participants.
Some attractions can be accessed only after prior registration at a specific time, some only with waiting.
We do not plan on clearing the rooms between events. Nonetheless, we will clear rooms between events should the need arise during the festival itself.
Each fan program line has its program leaders, usually three, are labeled with the plastic card "Vedoucí programu". Program leader on duty sitting in hall on marked chair.
If you have a question about the program, use the program published before entering the hall or on the Internet, please do not disturb the course of the program.
The main stages have professional stage managers, they move behind the scenes in the yellow CHIEF shirt, they are not special distinguished from other CHIEFs. Stage manager is available only to guests, moderators, etc. Therefore please ask questions on the main stages program at the reception of Comic-Con Prague. The organizers in yellow ORGANIZER T-shirts at the entrance to the main halls will help the participants.
Events with international guests in halls B and E2 will mostly be in English. In Hall B, they will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech into special headphones. Details for getting earphones you can find in other question here. In hall E2 events will be interpreted on the stage or they will not be interpreted.
Films will be screened in their original format with Czech subtitles. Most video games will be in English.
Programs in other halls will mostly be in Czech. There will be some exceptions of English programs, which will not be translated.
You will pay a deposit of 500 CZK (possible with a credit card) at the reception of Comic-Con Prague and you will receive a plastic card. Exchange the card with earphones, in the main hall. When you leave the hall, you return the earphones and get the card back. You can keep your card with you at all times during Comic-Con Prague.
When you do not need a card, you will return it to the front desk and receive a deposit (on card or in cash) reduced by the actual rental fee.
Artist Alley is a place, where you can purchase smaller items of fan merchandise, accessories, printed photos with autographs etc. It is also suitable for cosplayers, makers of small jewellery, writers, comic book authors, sellers of items from their vast collection etc.
It is forbidden to sell goods that violate copyright or industrially produced goods.
Top and well-known actors either don't go to the cones at all or they choose a lot where to go. They charge millions of CZK for a one-day appearance. Normally, millions are reached also by the requirements of the main stars of popular current series. Photographs and signatures would cost ten thousand CZK or more. The price (among other things, but for simplicity) is based on costs, budgeting on the number of photos and signatures, which can actually be realized in standard working hours. There are only a few people in the Czech Republic who would pay such a much money for a photo or signature. So from a certain required money of the agents of the actors, it even makes sense to consider inviting the actor.
Believe that selecting guests and dealing with agents is a very demanding job, believe that we do more than the maximum, and thanks to that we managed to arrange guests that the Comic-Con in a small Czech Republic could not afford.
Rewards for appearance in cones is a standard part of actors' income. It is a job like any other, it takes several days (it is necessary to count all the time spent away from home). Rewards for relatively well-known actors are relatively high, they are thousands to usually tens of thousands, the most famous actors ask for hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros, british pounds.
Photographs and autographs cannot be provided free of charge, the interest would exceed the technical and time possibilities. Guest costs cannot be covered only by the entrance fee.
The money paid for professional photos and autographs of the actors cover only PART of the organizer's costs: rewards for actors and their agents, air tickets and ground transport, accommodation, per diem, for well-known actors also the costs of participation of their agents, technical support of facilities, discussions, photography and signing, staff taking care of it, promotion and other associated costs ...
You can purchase a photo with the guest and/or a studio photo of the guest and/or his/her autograph in advance at the Comic-Con Prague e-shop or on site at convention. After payment you will receive a unique code.
A week before the festival or on site, you enter the unique code into the same e-shop and choose a specific time for the photo shoot/signing from the available options. This also applies to VIP participants.
At the selected time, you will arrive in the photo / autograph zone on the 1st floor, you will proof the second unique code obtained at the time of withdrawal and receive a photo (within 30 seconds of taking the photo) or an autograph.
If you don't receive a purchase confirmation, code, etc., you need to address it EARLY at, not in FB messages, etc.
At the entrance to the photo area, you put down your luggage/mobile, etc., sanitize your hands, on the instruction of the attendant you approach the actor, greet him/her, stand in position. A professional photographer will take your picture, check the result on the screen and send it to the press. In the meantime, you say goodbye, take your belongings and wait outside for a few tens of seconds for the printed 20x30 cm photo. A code in the corner of it will then allow you to download a digital copy after a certain amount of time after the con.
One photo voucher is for one to two people. More people = more vouchers.
Failure to take a photo or sign at the chosen time will result in the loss of the photo or signature. But ask the staff in the photo and autograph zone for spare time, they will try to help you, if possible.
One photo voucher is for one or two people (including children).
For a photo with more persons at a time, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate number of vouchers.
The number of printed photos equals the number of vouchers.
If any of the guest actors do not arrive for any reason at the current Comic-Con Prague and do not promise a replacement, we will automatically refund payments for photos and signatures with them after the time necessary for administration (this can be up to two months if appearance was cancelled shortly before the CCP).
If a guest actor fails to attend the current Comic-Con Prague for any reason and promises to attend the next one, you will either wait for their next appearance or, within 14 days of notification of the guest's non-attendance on the Comic-Con Prague website and Facebook page, write to requesting a full refund, your booking details for retrieval and account number for a full refund for photography and signing with the guest actor.
This does not apply to non-actor guests as we do not sell photography and signing with them, there is nothing to refund with them.
Tickets remain valid and a change of date or place is not a reason to return them, in accordance with the applicable legal rules of ticket sales.
However, we have made arrangements with Ticketmaster to refund your admission fee if you use the form to request a refund within 14 days of the announcement of the move on Comic-Con Prague website and Facebook page. Then the Ticketmaster customer care department will contact you.
If actual Comic-Con Prague is completely canceled without compensation, the entrance fee will be refunded after necessary time for administration. This scenario is unlikely, we will always try to keep the fans from losing the experience and we will look for another date.
When changing the date of Comic-Con Prague, we will do everything to ensure that there are as few changes as possible in the guest list. When preparing the original date, we also negotiated an alternative date with the guests. Of course, it will depend on the specific situation of each guest, but we believe that the changes will be minimal.
If you change the date of Comic-Con Prague, you can choose between waiting for the new date and getting a full refund for your purchased photography and signing with the cast.
For a refund, the non-negotiable condition is to request a refund within 14 days of notification of the date change via the Comic-Con Prague website and Facebook page exclusively to
Covid-19 is an infectious disease that can result in serious and potentially fatal disease. In any environment where people congregate, there is a risk of Covid-19 transmission. This risk increases in confined spaces and with an increased number of people.
Although all contractors should take enhanced security measures to help participants stay safe, a risk cannot be completely ruled out.
By participating in the event, you assume all risks associated with Covid-19. You must comply with all government regulations aimed at preventing the transmission of the virus, follow the organiser's instructions and protect yourself and others. Failure to comply with the rules may result in immediate exclusion from participation without refund.
The basic regulations for protection against covid-19 are set by the state, including conditions for entry.
O2 universum is adopting new and increased security measures to help event participants stay safe.
As the organizer of Comic-Con Prague, we provide disinfection of places with increased risk, we provide germicidal lamps (destroys bacteria and viruses) in the photo / autograph zone...
We do not underestimate the risk, but at the same time we are not inclined to cause unnecessary fear.
But the main thing is the responsibility of each participant to comply with the established regulations and measures.
You are responsible for the protection of yourself and your surroundings, for compliance with the regulations and measures of the state, O2 universe and the organizer. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the participant being excluded from the event without refund.
We want to protect you and our guests.
Larger spacings will be maintained in the queue.
There will be disinfection stands and professional germicidal lamps for continuous cleaning of the air from bacteria and viruses at the place of photography and signing. Veils are not necessary during the shooting itself.
Disinfect your hands before shaking hands with the guest. Do not touch the guest in any other way.
If necessary, we will take further measures, but we want to keep the possibility of obtaining photos and signatures from guests.
The current rules do not impose any restrictions on participation.