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Rules of participation at Comic-Con Prague

Please understand that it is important to establish some basic rules for Comic-Con Prague. Everyone is required to adhere to these rules in the interest of safety and as a courtesy to all participants. These rules have been set in accordance with the rules of the Czech fire department, the Czech police, the municipal police, the City Hall, and the owner of the venue.

Being unaware of the rules is not an excuse.
If there is anything that you are unsure of, if you spot an organisational mistake, if you see anyone breaking the event’s rules, or you have any special requests or complaints, please see the event organisers, who will be wearing special t-shirts. Our team will advise you, help you, and solve most things, if they are made aware of them in advance.

We will eject anybody who breaks the rules or does not behave accordingly from the event, in order to make the event more pleasant for its rule-abiding participants and organisers.

Thank you for your cooperation and for abiding by the rules of participation in this event.
Key rules
Should the Rules of participation at Comic-Con Prague contradict the Rules for guests at the O2 universum, the Rules of participation at Comic-Con Prague are final. Participants are required to:

  1. Know the rules of participation, as determined by the organiser of the festival and the owner of the O2 universum building, know the conditions of the services at their disposal, and abide by them.
    Through purchasing a ticket, festival participants are required to follow the rules of participation and the conditions of services provided. Participants should also be aware that serious or repeated breaches of the rules of participation will result in the ejection from the festival venue without a refund. Organisers are not responsible for damages to possessions and to the health of guests, especially if they are caused by breaking the rules of participation and safety.
  2. Respect and unconditionally follow the advice of festival organisers and employees of O2 universum.
    In the event of a dispute between a guest and an organiser or an employee of O2 universum about the interpretation of the rules, it will be solved by the Director of Comic-Con Prague or Deputy Directors and their decision is final.
  3. Follow fire and safety protocol.
    The participation of persons who are younger than 15 years old is permitted only with an adult (parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, group leaders etc.) or with the written consent of their legal representatives.
    Arson, the use of gas or other electric products that generate heat, are strictly forbidden anywhere in the building.
    Smoking is permitted in the marked area on the roof of building (3rd floor) and in front of the building at an appropriate distance from the building.
    It is forbidden to connect your electronic device to a power socket at the venue without the consent of an organiser.
    It is only possible to bring dummy and false weapons to Comic-Con Prague for cosplay purposes.
    Cold weapons and dangerous props can be taken to the venue only in softer form or as an unused, solid part of the costume. It is forbidden to use weapons. Costumes and their features cannot have sharp edges and parts that can be considered dangerous. Costumes will be judged individually at a special entrance to the venue. Should a dispute occur between a guest and a costume judge, the Head of security services at O2 universum will decide the outcome. Costume rejection is not a valid reason to seek a refund for entry tickets.
    Please use the changing rooms provided, and do not leave luggage and other items unattended. This is due to fire evacuation purposes, your own personal security, and the safety of everyone in the venue.
    Animals are not permitted at Comic-Con Prague, regardless of their species or size, except assistance dogs.
  4. Please have your ticket with you AT ALL TIMES and please show it to a member of staff at O2 universum or another member of our team at EVERY TIME that you go past the entrance.
    Participants are required to present their ticket for inspection, should a member of our team or an O2 universum employee desire it. We also recommend that you show your ID card.
    Tickets are only valid for a certain day and place. Only tickets with a coupon are valid, and tickets permit re-entry. Re-entry will be permitted till 9.30 PM (Friday, Saturday) or till 5.30 PM (Sunday) for participants whom will re-activate their tickets at the special outcome terminal by the building’s exit. Without this activation, ticket re-entry will not be possible.
    Damaged tickets will not be considered valid. Extra copies of tickets will not be printed in the event of ticket loss.
  5. To respect others at the venue.
    Participants are required to respect other guests for the entire duration of the festival, and to maintain a state of order and calm at the venue, in the area surrounding the venue, and on their way back to their accommodation.
    Participants cannot interrupt event hosts and other guests during scheduled events. They also cannot needlessly enter rooms during an event, nor can they peek inside during scheduled events.
    Participants are required to refrain from shouting and the use of verbal attacks on others. Participants are required to adhere to basic standards of hygiene, use showers and deodorant at their accommodation, change clothes, socks and shoes, so that others will are not inconvenienced by body odour, foul breath or smelly feet and shoes.
    When communicating with O2 universum employees, organisers, and other participants, participants are required to adhere to basic manners and etiquette.
    Give way to those leaving the room or building. It is forbidden to sit, stand, or loiter in hallways, on staircases etc.
  6. Clean up after themselves and recycle.
    Participants are required to keep the venue tidy. Litter belongs in the bin.
    Participants are required to sort rubbish into squashed plastic bottles and plastic cups, dry paper or other rubbish, which will be designated into separate bins.
  7. Not to damage the equipment. Look after their possessions.
    Participants are required to refrain from any activities that could damage or destroy the equipment owned by O2 universum, the organiser, their partners, and other guests. Participants are fully responsible for any material damage that they incur.
    Lost possessions will be available for collection at the festival reception. We recommend not to bring valuable objects or to leave valuable objects unattended. Organisers are not responsible for any acts of theft.
  8. Not to sell products outside designated areas and without the permission of the organiser.
    For the sale of personal items, participants are required to seek the approval of the organisers in advance, and to adhere to the rules for renting a tent or stool.
    Sellers are required only to sell official licensed or self-made products that do not breach copyright laws.
  9. Follow the rules for taking photos, recording, and recording video and audio.
    It is forbidden to bring professional recording devices, take photos, images and sound recordings for journalistic, promotional and commercial purposes without prior accreditation by the Organizer.
    Photographing, filming and making video and audio recordings within the time frame and intended for stories and reels for personal and fan use is permitted, with the following exception. For this purpose, it is allowed to bring recording devices without tripods, lights etc.
    Exception: It is strictly forbidden to photograph and film guests of the event and in program halls, except for photography and filming (from participant's seat) on programs in the interval of the first 5 minutes after the start of the program and the last 5 minutes before the end of the program. It is forbidden to film or stream the entire show, the event, etc.
  10. Respect Czech laws, other legal norms and criteria issued by the City hall.
    We would like to especially stress that we will be implementing the rule that no person under the age of 18 is permitted to consume alcohol.
    We would like to remind people who are older than 18 that they are to act responsibly and refrain from purchasing alcohol for their younger friends. Visible drunkenness is a violation of the rules for participation.
    It is forbidden to copy material that is protected by copyright law in the festival area.
    By attending Comic-Con Prague, visitors consent to the taking of photographs and audio and visual recordings of their person. These photographs, audio and audio-visual recordings may be used by the organizer for any advertising, promotional and similar purposes, free of charge.