Wonderful opportunity to meet film stars, comic legends, and other stars.

Witness a truly unique experience at our Q&A sessions, take unforgettable photographs with your idols, and get a memorable autograph, which you can then flaunt on Instagram and Facebook.
Below is our list of confirmed guests. Details on Q&A sessions, photo opportunities, and autograph sessions can be found below.

You can check the presence of individual guests at the event in this overview.


Comic creators



Other guests

The sale of group photographs and autographs began in mid-November.

Details regarding Q&A sessions, photo opportunities, and autograph sessions

Every guest will have their participation at Comic-Con Prague confirmed. We reserve the right to change the participation of our guests. Q&A sessions with guests are covered in the price of your Comic-Con Prague ticket.

  • VIP ticket holders have priority access to halls B and E2, as well as reserved seating in the front rows. If these seats are not occupied until 10 minutes before the start of the session, these seats become open and anyone can occupy them.
  • Participants are required to respect the organisers’ instructions when it comes to entry to the hall, potential transfers, exiting the hall, photography and recording devices etc.
  • Foreign-language Q&A sessions in halls B and E2 will be simultaneously translated into earphones. Should you require them, you need to collect them beforehand (for a fee) and subsequently return them to the organisers when you leave the hall, or when the session ends.
  • Flash photography and film recording is only permitted from your seating area for a time period of 5 minutes after the event starts, and then 5 minutes before the event ends. This is to ensure that the event is not disturbed. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in a warning or ejection from the session or the entire event.
  • All guests have the right to cancel their participation at any time due to work offers, illness, or personal reasons. This can also be done at short notice. Participants, including VIP ticket-holders, are not entitled to ticket refunds due to a guest’s cancellation.

Q&A Session Details

You can purchase these items at the venue or online

  • a photograph with a guest
  • a photo of a guest that you would like signed
  • a guest’s autograph
  • a signed photo of a guest
  • All tickets, VIP tickets, photographs, and autographs can be ordered online beforehand through our own pre-sale website or the TicketMaster pre-sale website. Pre-sale prices are limited, and if these items run out, their prices will increase.
  • If the total quota of items is fulfilled before Comic-Con begins, it will not be possible to buy tickets, photos, and autographs at a later time.
  • In the event that they are not sold out, all tickets, VIP tickets, photographs, and autographs can be purchased at the venue, specifically at the Comic-Con Prague retail station.
  • We reserve the right to change prices.
  • All above-mentioned prices are preliminary. Definitive prices can be found on Comic-Con Prague’s website, TicketMaster, or at the venue itself. Organisers reserve the right to change the prices whenever. Any changes to the price would not affect previous buyers of tickets.
  • In the event that a guest cancels his/her participation, refunds for photographs and autographs will automatically be given up to one month after the conclusion of Comic-Con Prague.
  • More information will be provided.

Photograph and Autograph Details

Participants will choose whether they would like a photograph or an autograph beforehand or at the venue itself.
Photos of size 15x23cm will be given out to participants immediately after they exit the photo session.
One voucher = one photo for one or two people at once.
  • Spaces for autograph sessions and photo opportunities will be reserved on the 1st floor in O2 universum for the entire duration of Comic-Con Prague. There will always be more than one guest available for photos and autographs at a single time. For every day that a guest is present, there will be one or two photo sessions and several hours of autograph signings.
  • Participants will be required to choose the specific time slot in which they would like to receive their purchased photographs with a guest or a guest’s autograph. This will need to be completed beforehand, either on our website from the beginning of January or at the Comic-Con Prague station. You will not have to wait in long queues, as a result.
  • If participants do not choose their time slot or leave it too late, they lose the right to obtain photographs or autographs, and they are not entitled to a refund. Nonetheless, should a situation like this arise, organisers will try and find a better solution, should it be available.
  • If the photo session or autograph session is delayed for any reason, participants are required to wait until it is their turn to go.
  • Every purchased voucher is valid for one photo with up to two participants. If you would like to purchase a group photo, you will need to buy more vouchers.
  • Actors will not be giving selfies. Therefore, they do not form part of the programme. This is due, in part, to time constraints.
  • Professionally-printed photographs sized 15x23cm with a hard frame will be given to participants immediately after they exit the photo area.
  • Participants have the right to ask for their photo to be retaken, should there be a technical problem with the quality (i.e. blurring, too much light or too little light, omission of a head or most of the body etc.). Participants do not have the right to ask for another photograph if they simply do not like the photo or if the technical quality of the photo is at least good.
  • Digital versions of photographs are also available. Details will be given later.
  • Guests can decline photographs in unsuitable positions or autographs on unsuitable objects, depending on their own judgement.
  • Participants are required to adhere to the organisers’ instructions. They are also required not to dawdle or harass the guests.
  • This organisational information can change whenever (even at the venue itself), if the organisers feel that changes will ensure a smooth photo and autograph session.
  • Further information will be provided and explained in more detail.