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Wonderful opportunity to meet film stars, comic legends, and other stars.

Witness a truly unique experience at our Q&A sessions, take unforgettable photographs with your idols, and get a memorable autograph, which you can then flaunt on Instagram and Facebook.
Below is our list of confirmed guests. Details on Q&A sessions, photo opportunities, and autograph sessions can be found below.

You can check the presence of individual guests at the event in this overview.

Remember great experiences in discussions with stellar guests, special moments in photography and signing…

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Comic creators




Other guests

Q&A sessions details

Every guest will have their presence at Comic-Con Prague confirmed. We reserve the right to change the participation of our guests. Q&A sessions with guests are covered in the price of your Comic-Con Prague ticket.

  • VIP ticket holders have priority access to hall B, as well as reserved seating in the front rows. If these seats are not occupied until 5 minutes before the start of the session, these seats become open and anyone can occupy them.
  • Participants are required to respect the organisers’ instructions when it comes to entry to the hall, potential transfers, exiting the hall, photography and recording devices etc.
  • Discussions in a foreign language are simultaneously interpreted into headphones in halls B and E2, it is necessary to pick up the headphones in advance at the CCP merch booth and always return them after the talk show to charge and disinfect them.
  • Flash photography and video/audio recording is only permitted from your seating area for a time period of 5 minutes after the event starts, and then 5 minutes before the event ends. This is to ensure that the event is not disturbed. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in a warning or ejection from the session or the entire event.
  • All guests have the right to cancel their participation at any time due to work offers, illness, or personal reasons. This can also be done at short notice. Participants, including VIP ticket-holders, are not entitled to ticket refunds due to a guest’s cancellation.

Meet&Greet, photo and autograph sessions details

You can purchase these items at the venue or online

  • 20 minutes meeting with the guest in the backstage (guest + 1-4 persons + moderator), selfie, autograph, refreshment
  • a large professional photo with the guest in paper and digital form
  • a large photo of the guest (civilian, from a movie, series or game) to sign
  • autograph-signature of the guest on the common photo or photo of the guest, possibly with a dedication
  • a large signed photo of the guest
  • All tickets and VIP tickets can be ordered online beforehand through TicketMaster, Meet&Greet, photographs and autographs through Comic-Con Prague e-shop.
  • If the total number of items is sold out (= they are not offered online) before Comic-Con begins, it will not be possible to buy tickets, Meet&Greet, photos, and autographs at a later time.
  • If they are not sold out, all tickets can be purchased at the venue through TicketMaster, Meet&Greet, photographs and autographs at the Comic-Con Prague sales stand.
  • All prices mentioned on this website are preliminary. Definitive prices can be found on Comic-Con Prague e-shop, TicketMaster, or at the venue itself.
  • Organisers reserve the right to change the prices whenever. Any changes to the price would not affect previous buyers of tickets.
  • If a guest cancels, we will refund the meeting fee, photos and signatures automatically to the card within 14 days of cancellation.

Meet&Greet, photo and autograph organization

  • The participant chooses the time of Meet&Greet, photography or signing about a week before in the Comic-Con Prague e-shop or on the spot.
  • The meeting with the guest takes place in a small number of participants with a moderator and lasts 20-25 minutes.
  • Photos of size 20x30cm will be given out to participants immediately after they exit the photo session.
  • One voucher = one photo for one or two people at once.
  • One voucher = one autograph.
  • Buy meet&greet, photos and autographs REGISTERED in the shop, use the Comic-Con app and enable notifications to get alerts for upcoming meet&greet, photoshooting and signing.
  • There is a dedicated space on the 1st floor of the O2 universe for guest photo shoots and signings. Each day of guest participation there will be one meet&greet, minimally two half-hour photo sessions and several half-hour signings.
  • One voucher purchased can get one photo for one to two people (even a small child = person). Multiple vouchers must be purchased for group photos.
  • One autograph can be obtained per voucher purchased. Multiple vouchers must be purchased for multiple autographs.
  • A space is reserved in the main backstage area for meeting the guest, with refreshments. Four participants will meet the guest for approximately 20-25 minutes. The meeting is moderated and interpreted as needed.
  • Guests will only provide selfie photos during the meeting, so we do not offer them for sale at all, not only to save time. One caption is included with the meeting.
  • At the Comic-Con Prague e-shop about a week before or on-site via mobile or at the Comic-Con Prague booth, the attendee will choose from the available times the time slot (1 specific half hour) in which he/she would like to get a purchased (in advance online or on-site) photo with the guest or his/her autograph or meet&greet with the guest. It will get to everyone who has paid and selected a time slot, the wait is no longer than the time slot.
  • If a participant chooses none or misses a selected time slot, they forfeit their right to receive a meet and greet, photo or autograph and are not eligible for a refund. Nevertheless, the organizers in the Comic-Con Prague photo & autograph zone will try to find a solution if one exists.
  • Photo entry closes 10 minutes before the end of the time slot!
  • For combo photo shoots (simultaneous one/two/three photo shoots), presence from the beginning of the time slot is required - actors do not rotate according to participants, participants will adapt to the combination of guests currently being photographed.
  • At the entrance to the photo & autograph area, watch the screen to see who is being photographed/signed, do not wait in the wrong line.
  • Prepare the correct QR code and unnecessary items to put away ahead of time, delays in check-in will reduce the time for the photo shoot.
  • Professionally printed 20x30 cm photo and envelope will be given to the participant immediately after leaving the photo area.
  • Participant is entitled to a new photo if the photo is of very poor technical quality (very blurry, very overexposed or dark, not capturing the head and most of the body, etc.). Participant is not entitled to a new photo if he/she does not like the photo or if the technical quality of the photo is at least good.
  • The digital version of the photo can be obtained by downloading it from the Comic-Con Prague website/e-shop approximately 14 days after the festival, using the code indicated on the original photo.
  • The guest is entitled to refuse a photograph in an inappropriate position or to sign an inappropriate item at his/her discretion.
  • The participant is obliged to follow the instructions of the organizers, not to delay, not to bother the guests.
  • This organizational information is subject to change at any time, including on the spot, according to the needs of the organizers in order to ensure the smooth running of the photography and signing.

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