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About us

Comic-Con Prague

Comic-Con Prague is hosted by Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. and Active Radio a.s.
Comic-Con Prague combines events as seen in the West, with a number of star guests and companies, in combination with an Eastern European style, which is focused on fan experience. Comic-Con Prague combine the best of both worlds.
Comic-Con Prague is built on solid foundations, using vast experience and a serious approach.

Comin-Con Prague s.r.o.

In order to host Comic-Con Prague, Václav Pravda formed a new private limited company, which works closely with FFestivaly (SFK Avalon). This charity fan group has organised big festivals in popular culture before, such as The Festival Fantazie (which boasted an attendance of up to 15.000 fans, and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in Chotěboř in 2020), PragoFFest (which had an attendance of up to 8.000 fans, its final tenth edition going ahead in 2019), FanCity (which had an attendance of 6.000 fans in Prague alone, its final edition going ahead in 2021), and GameFFest (which forms the ‘game’ aspect of all of the events mentioned previously).

The Festival Fantazie is run for fans, by fans, and in many ways it is one of the best in the world of its kind. This fantastic, ten-day program at the start of the summer holidays boasts approximately 1500 activities, tens of which are tournaments and 50 are film screenings in the cinema.

Václav Pravda led the Education Centre at Hewlett Packard for several years. He first started organisingFestival Fantazie and other similar events at the same time, but later he decided to pursue this hobby full-time. Mr. Pravda has more than 60 successful events to his name. Aside from organising these events, he has also run the hotel Fantazie in Chotěboř. Mr. Pravda and SFK Avalon are responsible for the program and organisation of Comic-Con Prague.

Active Radio a.s.

Active Radio is the most prominent figure on the Czech radio market. It currently runs radio stations such as Frekvence 1, Evropa 2, Bonton, and Dance radio. For more than ten years, Active Radio has intensively developed its online portfolio, with programs such as the largest digital music service in the Czech Republic, Youradio, and the news-related information and multimedia project, Youradio Talk. These individual brands also carry a large social media presence. For example, Evropa 2 has over one million fans across various social media platforms. Active Radio also boasts the multimedia project Pigy in its wide portfolio.

A vitally important part of the Active Radio group is also the events department, No Limits. The team helps with the production of concerts for Czech artists and artists coming from abroad (such as The Gipsy Kings, Modern Talking, Leoš Mareš etc.), festivals such as Paráda Fest for Frekvence 1 or Evropa 2 on Tour, large outdoor events such as Rádio srdcem pro život dětem, Den na maXXimum or Evropa 2’s annual music awards. No Limits also do individual events and activities for clients, such as various radio outdoor broadcasts, competitions linked to events, and several other activities.

Active Radio a.s. is a multimedia group, which is owned by the holding group Czech Media Invest. The Active group, the media division known as Czech News Center (which includes Blesk, AHA!, Sport, etc.), EUROMEDIA GROUP, a.s. (which leads the book market), and Czech Print Center printers all fall under the ownership of this multinational corporation in the Czech Republic. The mother company EPH also owns the online television site, Mall TV.