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Comic-Con Junior will be a festival for entire families of fans. What can you look forward to? In addition to the sci-fi and fantasy programme you already know from Comic-Con Prague, we want to offer more activities for children, teenagers and playful adults. You will be able to try something out, experience, play or learn something new. We will enrich the programme with new types of shows that will entertain younger visitors. Are you in? Then welcome on 22-23 October at the Brno Exhibition Centre! Pre-sale of discounted tickets (until 21 June) starts today!

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You certainly didn't have time during Comic-Con Prague, but a fun crypto game Filmtrix on the streets of Prague might make you happy during the upcoming weekend. Get a team of 2-4 together and head out to help Comic-Con Girl and Prageek explore cinematic Prague! We have created the game for you in cooperation with Operátor ICT and Cryptomania and it will take you approximately 2.5 hours. Comic-Con Girl and Prageek are waiting for you at FILMTRIX.

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For some, Pretty Woman, for some, The Crow, for some, Love Actually, and for us, the aftermovie from Comic-Con reliably activates tear-jerking. So sit back, watch the official aftermovie of Comic-Con Prague 2022 and then share how you feel.

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Even though the frequency of our posts is not as high as it was before CCP, we are not resting on our laurels. For example, today we have a big meeting of the organizers with the completion of the evaluation of all areas of Comic-Con Prague and planning further improvements for the fourth edition. And of course we are working hard on the preparation of Comic-Con Junior. It will be Comic-Con as you know it, with an extended programme for children and teenagers, and you can look forward to a lot of new things.

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Judging by the incoming inquiries, you can't wait to download the photos with the guests of Comic-Con Prague 2022. Now is the moment! Some cons charge for this service separately, we provide it included in the price of the original photo. At webpage Guests you enter the numeric code of your photo (found on the original under the logo) and download your guest photo. Show it off to your friends!

Comic-Con Prague

Enter again a world where dreams come true for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Enjoy an action-packed three-day festival dedicated to videogames and boardgames, films and tv shows, anime and comics, books and paintings, costumes...

We have a fantastic program, including photo & autograph sessions with actors and other star guests, cosplay, gaming, Q & A sessions, workshops, competitions, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, sale of merchandising...

For the third time in the Czech Republic, you will be able to meet a wide range of actors, comic creators, and other artists at a single festival. Comic-Con Prague 2022 offers the expansion of program and services, new partners, a number of great news in the program , extensive collaboration between fan groups and companies.

Experience the unforgettable, take great photos, get rare autographs, and make new friends... If not now, then when? Who, if not you?