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At Comic-Con Prague 2023 you will again find the Coca-Cola Fun Zone. In addition, the Coke app is currently running a competition for tickets to Comic-Con. You can also get VIP tickets or the chance to meet the biggest stars of this year's Comic-Con Prague thanks to a Meet&Greet voucher. Tray the competition on Coca-Cola profile. Follow @comiccon_prague and @cocacolaczsk for more info. May the force be with you.

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Sometimes he's calling himself James T. Kirk, sometimes Luke Skywalker, but we all know he is Jack O'Neill, who brought down false gods, and as Angus MacGyver he showed us he can manage in every situation. Do we need to say more? An American actor RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON will come to Prague this April to be our guest at Comic-Con Prague 2023! Do you have the tickets? Don't miss unique the change to meet the leader of SG-1!

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Murin Wolf has written a number of comics such as Photographer, Nym-fa, Škodík. He is currently creating and publishing his very personal, original work, the horror comic series Miriti - Assassin vampire cat. He has contributed to a wide range of illustrations from books to t-shirts. He has created t-shirts, for example, for the band Beasto Blanco (Alice Cooper's daughter). One of his t-shirts is owned by Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor on Smallville).

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Congratulations to the winners of the LEGO® competition: LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor - Saša Nahodilová, LEGO® Star Wars™ Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder - Barbara Vogl, LEGO® DC BATMAN™ 1989 Batwing - Jaroslav Hofman, LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts: Chamber of Secrets - Lukáš Jurczek, LEGO® Jurassic Park T. Rex Breakout - Zdenka Koubová

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Fans have an awful lot of responsibilities. Knowing the movies and TV shows, video games and board games, costumes, books, comics, actors, writers, artists, directors, cons! and a lot of other information. It's challenging to be a fan. Of course it's totally awesome too, that's the reward for all the hard work of knowing. How do you make it easier? By subscribing to PEVNOST magazine. Visit the PEVNOST booth at CCP! Or subscribe to the magazine today!

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Comic-Con Prague

Enter again a world where dreams come true for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Enjoy an action-packed three-day festival dedicated to videogames and boardgames, films and tv shows, anime and comics, books and paintings, costumes...

We have a fantastic program, including photo & autograph sessions with actors and other star guests, cosplay, gaming, Q & A sessions, workshops, competitions, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, sale of merchandising...

For the fourth time in the Czech Republic, you will be able to meet a wide range of actors, comic creators, and other artists at a single festival. Comic-Con Prague 2023 offers the expansion of program and services, new partners, a number of great news in the program , extensive collaboration between fan groups and companies.

Experience the unforgettable, take great photos, get rare autographs, and make new friends... If not now, then when? Who, if not you?