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Petr Kopl inherently belongs to the Czech comics scene and not just there. His specific cartoon style is also well known in the US, South Korea, and Finland through his illustrations and drawings. Petr accepted our invitation and became another guest of Comic-Con Prague 2020! Among his projects, we must not forget about comic book […]

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s another guest of Comic-Con Prague! This is the very first time Brandon Routh is going to be in Europe! Let’s try to count his comic roles together: Superman in Superman Returns, Evil Enemy Todd in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Dylan Dog in Monster Hunters, […]

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The first 1000 CHEAPER tickets for Comic-Con Prague went on sale on MONDAY 14th October at 12:00 p.m.!

For better orientation, we have prepared an overview of the individual guests scheduled at the event.

The sale of autographs and photographs will start at the beginning of November. Soon, we will also introduce some more unique guests, so you have plenty to look forward to!

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Another guest at Comic-Con Prague 2020 is ready to be revealed! WINTER IS COMING and the Night King from the HBO series Game of Thrones is coming too. It is none other than Vladimír Furdík, a Slovak actor and stuntman. You could have also seen him in movies like Thor: Dark World, Skyfall, Star Dust […]

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Everyone has a favorite hero or actor / actress. At the beginning of the stories is it the fantasy of the artists who invent the characters, draw them and bring them to life. At the Comic-Con Prague, we will not introduce you only great actors/actress but also personalities who inherently belong to the comic world. […]

Comic-Con Prague

Enter a world where dreams come true for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Enjoy an action-packed three-day festival dedicated to videogames and boardgames, films and tv shows, anime and comics, books and paintings, costumes...

We have a fantastic program in store, including photo opportunities with actors and other star guests, cosplay, gaming, screenings, Q & A sessions, workshops, competitions, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, merchandise...

For the first time in the Czech Republic, you will be able to meet a wide range of actors, comic creators, and other artists at a single festival. Comic-Con Prague offers several unique fan and company-run events. Experience the unforgettable, take great photos, get rare autographs, and make new friends... If not now, then when? Who, if not you?