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Dear visitors of the very first Comic-Con Prague ever, we would like to thank you for the trust and enjoyment of our event. There was a fantastic atmosphere, and people were very considerate even during peak hours, foreign and domestic guests praised a fantastic audience. Thanks to your support, we can announce that we are already working on the next year of Comic-Con, which we planned from the beginning as a regular annual event. In the upcoming weeks, we will inform you about the date and the first guests. Also, we would like to thank all of our partners, especially the Coca-Cola, Prusa Research 3D printers and Jabadabado. Finally, let us thank the realization team of the O2 Universum and more than a hundred of organizers who have been working really hard on the spot.

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The dream of all fans comes true. The first Czech Comic-Con is in full swing! You were part of our preparation, competed in catch-phrase tournament, looking forward to star guests, big playrooms, busy programs and many specials that you won't find elsewhere. The opening ceremony of the first Comic-Con Prague will take place at 18:30. It will be a three-day ride, and when it is almost over, we are going to start preparing the next year!

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We must not miss the one and only Michal Suchánek! He is the comics cartoonist and graphic artist whom we are so grateful for the visual appearance of this event as well. Michal is the author of the comic book Horrifying Delights which was based on three classic sci-fi stories by Ondřej Neff. His work includes Crew / DC Comics, Games Workshops and Fantasy Flight Games. He is currently working on his own creation and development of computer games.

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Pavel Renčín is not only a successful writer of urban fantasy and thriller genres, but also a co-organizer of Comic Con. His best-known books include the horror Prisoned, which was awarded as the Best Czech and Slovak Book by the SFFH Academy, or the City War trilogy and the online novel named Labyrinth. He has prepared the program for Humbook stage - talking about great books with great people - Martin Veselovský (DVTV) and Jakub Szántó (Czech Television).

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The legendary make-up artist NICK DUDMAN (nominated for Oscar several times, BAFTA, Emmy; known from Harry Potter films, Star Wars series, Fifth Element, Batman, Mummy, etc.) will visit Comic-Con Prague 2020 and perform with his fellow concept designer and costume designer BROOKE DIBBLE (Wonder Woman, Justice League, Wrath: The Queen of All Evil, Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, etc.) and make-up artist SARAH O'BRIEN (Carnival Row, Penny Dreadful, etc.)

Comic-Con Prague

Enter a world where dreams come true for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Enjoy an action-packed three-day festival dedicated to videogames and boardgames, films and tv shows, anime and comics, books and paintings, costumes...

We have a fantastic program in store, including photo opportunities with actors and other star guests, cosplay, gaming, screenings, Q & A sessions, workshops, competitions, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, merchandise...

For the first time in the Czech Republic, you will be able to meet a wide range of actors, comic creators, and other artists at a single festival. Comic-Con Prague offers several unique fan and company-run events. Experience the unforgettable, take great photos, get rare autographs, and make new friends... If not now, then when? Who, if not you?