Tickets can be purchased beforehand at a discounted price, or directly at the venue (provided they have not sold out).

You can check the presence of individual guests at the event in this overview.

FRIDAY 7.2.2020

790 CZK

SATURDAY 8.2.2020
STANDARD (UNTIL 15.1.2020)

990 CZK

SUNDAY 9.2.2020

790 CZK

8 – 9.2. 2019

1690 CZK

COMPLETE 7-9.2.2020

1990 CZK

STANDARD (UNTIL 12.1.2020)

2190 CZK

Witness interesting international and domestic guests, hundreds of fan events and experts, tens of hours of games, films, competitions, workshops, and other great entertainment.

Comic-Con Prague Terms and Conditions

Ticket sale rules

  • A purchased ticket cannot be exchanged. Lost tickets will not be replicated.
  • A purchased ticket cannot be returned even in the event of a scheduling change, the withdrawal of some guests, rejection of cosplay for entry to the building etc.
  • Tickets can be given to another person before entry to the festival, but not during the festival.
  • Participants are required to have their tickets with them at all times, and they must present their tickets when requested by an organiser in the building.
  • In order to receive your disabled ticket discount, it is essential that you send a request with a copy of your card/certificate to in the Ticketmaster Customer Service section.
  • Ticketmaster Terms of Service and Complaint Guidelines
  • Where to buy tickets with Ticketmaster
  • Methods of payment
  • Methods of delivery

Practical information for entry to the venue