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A program full of fun

Comic-Con Prague is a unique event with a special program.

Experienced and enthusiastic fan groups have combined with experts at the top of their game, celebrity guests, and a growing amount of interested companies to prepare a fantastic, three-day program filled with amazing entertainment. Experience something new!

Gaming and e-sports tournaments and board games, photograph & autograph sessions and Q&A sessions with foreign and Czech actors and artists, workshops and competitions, lectures and presentations, exhibitions and concert, sale of fan merchandising...

We are preparing the programme for publication one week before the con.

Guests and a summary of their days of attendance.

Schedule of Meet&Greet, talkshows, photography and signing with actors

Building plans

PROGRAM Comic-Con Prague 2024

Program Saturday 6. 4. for printing

Program Dunday 7. 4. for printing

Extra program

Introducing once-in-a-lifetime, unique specialities in the Comic-Con Prague 2024 program.
And much, much more.

Galerie Comic-Con Girl

Artist Alley

Games and other entertainment

A videogames and a board games on a total area of more than 1400 m2! Guests, tournaments to win a prize, or just for fun, free gaming, the introduction of new features, an induction into gaming, gaming sales, lectures, Q&A sessions, competitions, cosplay...

Fan program

The best parts of Comic-Con Prague were prepared by the fan community itself, which is famous from other Czech cons (such as Festival Fantazie).

Practical information about the program

Opening hours:
Friday 5. April 14:00 - 22:30
Saturday 6. April 09:00 - 22:30
Sunday 7. 4. 09:00 - 18:30

All of the activities in the program are covered by the price of the ticket, with the exception of official photograph & autograph sessions with guests.

  • The organisers reserve the right to change the program, even during the event, and reserve the right to control the level of people in the lecture rooms.
  • The organisers reserve the right to limit the gaming times of participants, in the interest of other participants.
  • The program will be available on the web (in the form for mobiles too), and will also be available on screens at all halls and in printed form at information stations.
  • Every fan program hall has its own identified program leader, who will handle the order and organisation of activities.
  • Technical support for program creators will be provided by technicians.
  • Activities in the fan program have a running time of 40 minutes, and they always begin 5 minutes after the hour. In turn, they will always finish at 15 minuted before the hour, so that there is enough time to move between lecture theatres.
  • Details concerning activities with guests from abroad, Q&A sessions, photo & autograph sessions, can be found in the Guests section.
  • The deadline to apply to host your own activity for the program is the 28th February 2024.
  • The deadline to apply for the PragoCosplay competition is the 31. March 2024.

Remember: Program CCP 2023