Humbook and a literary program

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At Comic-Con Prague (on Sunday) you will have the opportunity to enjoy HumbookStage, a small tasting of the autumn literary festival. Prepared by Albatros with partners, Euromedia and Argo. Look forward to a varied program in the main hall of E2 with foreign writer Ben Aaronovitch, Czech comics authors, Czech literary stars (Pavel Bareš, Theo Addair, Kateřina Šardická, Martin Bečan, Pavel Renčín…) as well as editors and other guests.
But on Friday and Saturday you will not be deprived of a literary program. Under the baton of the writer Jan Kotouč arises a program with well-known SF&F writers (František Kotleta, Miroslav Žamboch, Vilma Kadlečková, Petra Neomillnerová…).