Comic-Con Prague vs. covid-19

The current situation is uncertain, but Comic-Con Prague is a few months away and we believe that by then there will be an improvement and more medicines will be available. At the same time, we are watching the autumn Comic-Cones all over Europe, some of which are already sold out, which testifies to the confidence of the organizers in the possibility of the realisation and the trust of fans in the organizers. Thank you for your trust.

What are we planning against covid-19 at Comic-Con Prague and what happens when big events would be banned?

Measures against covid-19

If necessary, we will take a number of measures to reduce the risk of infection:

  • All measures will be in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and in cooperation with O2 universe.
  • The ticket will remain valid for another year if the participant reports that it is risky for some reason = the possibility that someone infected will come just to avoid losing the ticket will be reduced. We will deal with the technical details later.
  • We assume the need to use drapes and disinfection, of course, including the staff of O2 universe and the organizers.
  • If necessary, all participants, partners, staff, etc. will be measured for temperature and will not be allowed to rise at elevated temperatures.
  • The organizers will be measured their temperature every day and will be excluded from the event with the slightest health complications.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of areas and touch areas will be intensive and frequent.
  • Intensive air exchange will take place in all areas of the O2 universe thanks to high-quality air conditioning.
  • Disinfectant gel will be available in many places and will be mandatory immediately before photography and signing.
  • Controls, mice, keyboards, etc. will be disinfected in game rooms and lecture rooms.
  • Disposable and commemorative Comic-Con Prague drapes, disposable gloves will be on sale.
  • We are preparing a special set of measures for guests so that they are not afraid to come, we will inform the guests.
  • Indirect germicidal lamps will be placed at least in the photography and autograph area.
  about germicidal lamps and photograph sessions with guests
  • Germicidal lamps are special lamps with emitters emitting shortwave ultraviolet UV-C radiation.
  • UV-C radiation kills viruses, bacteria and their spores, fungi, yeasts, mites .... It is used mainly in the disinfection of air and surfaces.
  • Germicidal lamps are used in gastronomy and operating rooms. Their use is a highly above-standard, exceptional measure.
  • At Comic-Con Prague, we use high-performance germicidal bactericidal lamps with indirect radiation - the radiator is enclosed in a tube, air driven by a fan flows around the radiator and disinfects. The radiation is completely enclosed in the device and the operation is safe 24 hours a day, even in the presence of people.
  • Germicidal lamps will be especially in the photoshooting area to make it safe to shoot without a drape.
  • We plan shooting without drapes, it doesn't make sense with them. Photography is one of the exceptions for which the obligation to have a drape does not apply.
  • In order to increase safety, hand disinfection will be mandatory immediately before entering the guest, probably also a ban on hugging with guests, etc.
  • When signing, we will also use germicidal lamps located behind the plexiglass partition to protect the guest. The plexiglass will have a cutout for signing.

Possible change of date

We are also prepared for a situation where there will be a ban on large events or a significant reduction in the number of participants. But we couldn't wait for the situation to improve and then start preparing Comic-Con Prague.